Vecstasy is Alive!

For about a year our team at Joshua Brian Design has wanted to start a site that would allow graphic designers and photographers a place to feature their work and share in a near license free environment.  Well, we are finally getting around it, although perhaps a bit slowly.

As of November 17th, 2013 we went live with a measly 10 free downloads from our own design collection, but rest assured over the next 5 weeks a lot more are coming!

The hope of Vecstasy is to build a collection of high quality graphics and photos that anyone can download and use free of most licensing restrictions in their own design projects.

Although there is a host of free stock graphics and photography sites out there, not many have carefully selected items that you would feel confident to grab and use. Whether it be the quality or that it is unclear as to what the copyright permissions are. It is hard to find free stock images and vectors you can feel comfortable using.

Vecstasy intends to solve this issue by making the process ultra clear:

  1. All graphics placed on Vecstasy will have clearly known origins and have direct consent of use under our own simple licensing
  2. We will select only what we feel is usable in a real world environment
  3. We will always always give credit to our collaborators

So if you’ve landed at Vecstasy today or have been contacted by us to be a featured artists, please don’t be put off by the small current collection. We are growing quickly and hope to be a future name in the graphic and artistic community.

Part free downloads and part blog, we think you will enjoy what is coming.

In the meantime, if you are interested in being a featured artist. Please take a moment to contact us by clicking here.

Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you again!



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