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Over the years, we at Vecstasy have utilized a lot of free resources ourselves. Whether free vector graphic downloads, tutorials, fonts or just inspirational websites, there have been a lot of people/websites who have helped influence or assist us along our way.

In this article, Vecstasy would like to take a moment to thank those people and websites for what they’ve offered, written about and or posted. Although we are currently very small we do want to help promote the names and sites that any new graphic designer should add to their bookmark list.

Please take a moment to visit these sites and if you find them useful, help to spread the word.

The Best Vector Tutorials on the Web

Creative Bloq

A photo showing the website, Creative Bloq

Creativebloq is one of my personal favourite websites as the range of their content is ridiculous. At Cretivebloq you can find anything from tutorials, vector and photo freebies to advice and inspiration. When you are not doodling out the next fortune 500 logo you should take a few moments and pop into their “Graphic Design” tab or follow them on twitter.

All graphic designers be warned, you will end up spending countless hours here adrift in the barrage of quality content they deliver.


Vectips Free Vector and Design Resources

Originally founded by designer Ryan Putnam, Vectips has offered some of the most featured vector design tutorials out there. If you’ve ever browsed any of the” ## Best Vector Tutorials” articles it is likely you’ve seen their content.

Even if you are a skilled designer, it is likely you will find some tip or tutorial that will help you create better vector graphics.

I find the “tips” part of Vectips very useful. Quite a few time saving articles in there.


A photo showing the Hongkait Website - Free Vector Downloads and Tutorials

Hongkait was started by Hongkiat Lim & Alec Lynch way back in the yesteryears of 2007. Inspirationally, Hongkiat started the site as a release from the pressures of a job he was unhappy with. The success of later helped him to step out of that job.

Fast forward to today and you have an amazing blog filled with useful information and hot tips for just about any field of graphic design. The quality of most of the article’s on Hongkiat are high and are obviously not only strung together to capture ad or referral revenue.

We can’t recommend enough subscribing to Hongkait


Abduzeedo's Website for Free Vector Download and Tutorials

Full of free goodies and inspiration Abduzeedo sets the mark fairly high when it comes to originality of content. They have a ton of great Illustrator tutorials, not to mention Photoshop and Fireworks as well.

Hailing from Brazil, founder Fabio Sasso remains at the helm but now with a larger team and a larger community of designers helping to supplying all the fantastic resources they provide.


Free Vector Tutorials website photo shown

Ahhh, Chris Spooner and his fountain of creativity. Spoon Graphics has been an inspiration to us since we first found it in 2008. If you follow graphic design then you are sure to have read one of his tutorials or have seen some of his work around the web.

He later founded which also contains a load of good stuff waiting any aspiring graphic artist.

Thanks Chris for all of your work, its been a big help to a lot of people!

For our readers, you should absolutely take a few minutes to pop on over to either site and enjoy the bounty that awaits.

Vector Tutsplus

Vector Tutorials from the website shown - Vector Tuts Plus

Lastly on our list is Vectortuts. We’ve left them for last not because they are least in any sort but because there is a heavy commercial element to their site which seems to be ever increasing.

However, don’t let that turn you off because they also have a ridiculous selection of free vector tutorials and a masses of freebies you can help yourself to.

We don’t blame them for the commercial side, they do great work and deserve the rewards that come with that.  It is just some of the other sites mentioned have a stronger feel of done for “the love of design” rather than done for money while Vectuts just feels more commercial.

Regardless they’ve been a big inspiration and we really appreciate what they offer.

Spin on over and take a look for yourselves.

That rounds up our list. We hope you find countless hours of inspiration and get a chance to try some of those great vector tutorials on offer.

Thanks for reading and as always, don’t forget to take a moment to like us on Facebook, Pin us on Pinterest or follow-us on Twitter.



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