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Vecstasy.com was founded on November 17th, 2013 as of today’s date, we are small but growing. Do keep coming back on a weekly basis to see what’s new and grab our newly added free downloads.

This site has two main purposes:

  1. Offer a wide selection of high quality and mostly free vector graphics and photos ( The only charged vectors or photos are used to help pay for the costs of running the site and providing more content.) All of the free vectors and free images we list will have known origins and license rights you can trust.
  2. To display other artists who are interested in promoting their own content, themes or brands

All of the designs found on this site were either made directly by the Vecstasy design team or by one of our clearly labeled feature artists.

We wish to change the way shared graphics are stored and allocated, ensuring that you can download and use what is on our site without fear of violating some wordy copyright manual. Download & enjoy, it’s that simple. We offer breathtakingly free vectors and photos !

Featured Artists:

If you would like to be a featured artist, then please contact us at admin@vecstasy.com . Each featured artist provides 10 images or vectors that may be used on our site according to the terms and conditions stated below. Each item uploaded will be back-linked to your own site or brand as well as on our featured artists promotional pages.

And of course, your own branding and website or email will be clearly displayed in the download package.

Our terms & conditions are intentionally simple:

  1. If you use one of our commercial free vectors or images for any purpose, please take a moment to provide us with a quality backlink or a social posting.
  2. You can use the vectors and photos found on this site for personal & commercial use 100% royalty free.
  3. You may not reoffer vectors and or photos found on this site for download on your own site unless you have drastically changed the scope and appearance of the image. ( Applicable if your site is a free or charged images download service similar to Vecstasy. Other types of blogs or services may incorporate the images whether original or modified at their hearts content)
  4. You may offer for download on your own site if you haven’t drastically changed the scope and appearance as long as it is a part of a collage or broader design that incorporates other images.
  5. You may not claim the original work as your own, ever ever ever.
  6. You may not copyright nor trademark any of Vecstasy’s or other designers work, ever ever ever.
  7. If you are using any of the original images or vectors in paid design work, you should let the purchaser know about our terms and conditions.
  8. Our images or vectors may not be used on any pornographic websites or materials
  9. Our images or vectors may not be used for any criminal activity
  10. Vecstasy is not liable for any damages, fees or legal prosecution for misuse of our vectors, photos or any other content downloaded from our site.
  11. Vecstasy downloads are non-exclusive. You understand that other’s have likely downloaded and used your materials in their own work

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