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Vecstasy takes a look at 5 free beautiful fonts for November 2013 that you should add to your collection.

1. Dense –

Free Font Download from Charles Daoud - Dense Font

Charles Daoud has over 10 years experience working as a creative and now as the art director for Tapage Communication. He kindly offers-up to the world this stunning font that we here at Vecstacy will definitely be setting-off a future design with.

2. Coco – Hendrick Rolandez

Coco font display photo showing the free font style

This inspirational font comes from designer Hendrick Rolandez and tops #2 on our 10 free beautiful fonts list. Hendrick is a 26 year old graphic designer from Bethoncourt, France who displays his prowess not only in this stunning typeface but also in the talented works examples displayed on his website. If you download this font, and you should, take a moment to thank him by following him on Twitter or give him a thumbs up on Behance.

3. Caramanna – Nick Slater

Another beautiful font from designer Nick Slater

Did this free font get your attention? It certainly received ours. While you’re rushing over to Dribble to download this free otf font, be sure to check out some of his other brilliant work. Best yet pop on over to Nick Slater’s Website and beg him to begin to sell this font. We’d certainly buy it! A big thanks to Nick for making this a free download!

4. Oranienbaum – Jovanny Lemonad & Oleg Pospelov

Download Oranienbaum Font - Dark Backdrop against font.


This classical typeface was created as part of joint project by Jovanny Lemonad & Oleg Pospelov. IVAN GLADKIKH, is Jovanny’s real name and as you may have guessed, he and Oleg hail from Russia. The free font Oranienbaum isn’t the only stunner produced from this duo either. Pop on over to Javonny’s website and also check out his ultra chunky Imperial font, also free. While you are there why not go ahead and support this fantastic typeface designer and pick up one or more of his paid fonts as well.

5. High Tide – Filipe Rolim

Download Free Font High Tide. Typeface against fishing gear and net


One of the more unusual fonts we’ve found in a while. At least for us, if you don’t have on caps lock it this font creates some serious kerning issues but once caps is turned on you get some beautiful results. It is worth noting that the numbers are shown from the High Tide otf file while the headline is from the High Tide Sans file. Thanks to designer Filipe Rolim for creating this amazing free font!

That wraps up our top five beautiful free fonts for November. We hope you enjoy them and please don’t forget to like us, follow-us or give us a comment below. We are always interested in hearing from you.

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